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Mineral Powder Briquetting Plant / Line

Mineral powder briquetting plant is design to make uniform, usually hard briquettes and agglomerations from various mineral powder such as lime powder, iron powder, chromium powder and oxide scale through high pressure. The powder of refractory industry and those with high additional value are more suitable for mineral powder briquetting plant. Besides, in the steel factory, lime plants, metallurgy and magnesium plant, pressing calcined powder into briquettes is of wide use. 

Flow Chart of Mineral Powder Briquetting Plant:


Mineral powder briquetting plant mainly consists of vertical compound crusher, feeder, mixer, dryer, mineral powder briquette machine and conveyor.

Suitable Raw Materials:

Mineral powder such as iron powder, oxide scale, lime powder, aluminum powder and chromium powder.

Necessary Processes:

  1. Crushing---for crushing the raw materials into small powder with size less than 3mm.
  2. Dosing---There are two bins, one for holding coal powder, the other for holding dry binder. There are weighing system on them to keep the percentage of the binder and raw material.
  3. Mixing---Mix the raw materials with binders evenly. No matter dry binder or liquid type binder.
  4. Briquette making---Press the well mixed raw materials into good quality and high density briquettes.
  5. Briquette drying---Transport the briquettes to the vertical dryer or blet dryer to get dry briquettes which can be packed directly.

Finished Briquettes:

All suitable raw materials can be pressed into square, round, pillowed and many other shapes as you required.

Advantages of Mineral Powder Briquetting Plant:

1. Strong adaptability

2. Economical and environmental friendly

3. Utilization of waste powdery materials

4. High strength, wear resistance and durability

Project of Mineral Powder briquetting Plant:


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