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Fluorite Powder Briquetting Machine

Fluorite Powder Briquetting Machine

  • 【Power】:5.5-135kw
  • 【Capacity】:1-30TPH
  • 【Materials】 : Fluorite powder, mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder and other materials.


The Usage of Fluorite Powder:

Fluorite can not only reduce the melting point of insoluble materials, but also promote the flow of slag so as to separate the slag and metal. During the smelting process, it can conduct desulfurization and dephosphorization processes to enhance the metal malleable and tensile strength. Therefore, it is used as the solvent in iron and steel smelting, iron alloy production, iron and non-ferrous metal smelting.

fluorite powder and briquettes

Application of Fluorite Powder Briquetting Machine:

Fluorite powder briquetting machine can press fluorite powder, mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder and other materials. Due to the roll force, the product has the characteristics of high density, high strength and high hardness. The roller adopts 650mn hard materials with good resistance to abrasion, which effectively improves the service life of the roller. Fluorite briquettes can take place of high grade fluorite ore, widely used in steel making, blast furnace smelting, metal reduction, etc.

Fluorspar powder briquetting machine

The Requirements of Processed Materials:

1. The particle size is 80-200 mesh.

2. Any metal objects are not allowed in the material. Otherwise it will damage the surface of roller.

3. The supply of materials must be met, so it can ensure the ball forming rate. When pressing the ore powder, the wear on the roller will be more powerful, customers should pay special attention to the material of roller when purchasing the fluorite powder briquette machine, it is better to select the wear-resistant alloy.

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Technical Data of Fluorite Powder Briquetting Machine

Type Roll diameter(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
ZD290 290 1-3 5.5
ZD360 360 4-6 11-15
ZD430 430 6-8 18.5
ZD500 500 7-9 18.5-55
ZD500H 500 7-9 20.7-57.2
ZD650 650 10-15 37-45
ZD650H 650 10-15 39.2-47.2
ZD750 750 15-20 75-110
ZD750H 750 15-20 78-113
ZD850 850 20-25 90-110
ZD850H 850 20-25 93-113
ZD1000 1000 25-30 90-132
ZD1000H 1000 25-30 93-135


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