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Ferrosilicon Powder Briquetting Machine

Ferrosilicon Powder Briquetting Machine

  • 【Capacity】:1-30TPH
  • 【Feeding Material Size】:0-5mm
  • 【Output Size】 : 30-60mm or Custom-made
  • 【Application】 : coal mining, metallurgy, refractory material, chemical industry, building materials, etc.


Zoneding Ferrosilicon Powder Briquetting Machine is your best choice for processing ferrosilicon powder as well as other metal powder and mineral powder. It is specially designed for helping enterprises make the best use of mineral resources while saving a large amount of energy consumption and economic cost. The briquettes produced by this briquetting machine can be used for metal smelting or as auxiliary materials of chemical industry and metallurgy.

Ferrosilicon Powder Briquetting Machine

Application of Ferrosilicon Powder Briquetting Machine

The ferrosilicon powder briquetting machine can be used to process ferrosilicon powder, iron powder, mill scale, steel powder, etc. into briquettes with high hardness and uniform shapes.

Shape of Finished Briquettes

The shape of the briquettes includes oval shape, egg shape, pillow shape, square shape, etc. In addition, the briquetting machine can produce ferrosilicon briquettes with custom-made shape.

Finished Briquettes Finished Briquettes Finished Briquettes

Request for Raw Materials:

1. Size: It's better to be less than 3mm. If not, crusher is needed.

2. Uniformity: Mixer is needed to make materials homogeneous.

3. Moisture content: 9-15%. If higher than that, rotary dryer is needed.

Technical Data of Ferrosilicon Powder Briquetting Machine

Model Roll Diameter(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw)
ZD-290 290 1-3 5.5
ZD-360 360 4-6 11-15
ZD-430 430 6-8 18.5
ZD-500 500 7-9 18.5-55
ZD-500H 500 7-9 20.7-57.2
ZD-650 650 10-15 37-45
ZD-650H 650 10-15 39.2-47.2
ZD-750 750 15-20 75-110
ZD750H 750 15-20 78-113
ZD-850 850 20-25 90-110
ZD-850H 850 20-25 93-113
ZD-1000 1000 25-30 90-132
ZD-1000H 1000 25-30 93-135


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