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Carbon Briquetting Machine

Carbon Briquetting Machine

  • 【Roller Materials】:65Mn and 9Cr2Mo
  • 【Production Capacity】:1-30TPH
  • 【Briquetting Ratio】 : Around 90%


Carbon briquetting machine is mainly used to press non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal powder into briquettes. It is named after carbon briquetting machine according to its working form, and chain type carbon briquetting machine according to its power transmission type, so the so-called carbon briquetting machine and chain type carbon briquetting machine are all carbon briquetting machine.

Carbon Briquetting Machine

The carbon briquetting machine designed especially for new type of carbon plant puts the materials into the moulds according to different specifications and sizes, and makes the molded materials conform to the specification requirement.

Performance Features

Carbon briquetting machine adopts new type of automatic program operation, thus forming an automatic production line and laying solid foundation for the carbon industry. Zoneding carbon briquetting machine has simple structure and stable performance. It is easy to operate, and we can feed materials directly from the feeding mouth. Its service life can be extended only if we maintain it well.

Carbon/carbon black briquettes

Technical Data of Carbon Briquetting Machine

Product model ZD-0.5 ZD-1.0 ZD-1.5 ZD-2.0 ZD-2.5 ZD-3.0 ZD-5.0
Working efficiency (T/h) 0.5 1.0 1.0 2.0 2.5 3.0 5.0
Roller diameter (mm) φ299 φ367 φ367 φ399.5 φ480 φ522 φ700
Roller breadth (mm) 110 183 183 232 196 196 225
Power (kw) 18.5 37 45 45 55 55 75
Reducer ZQ650 ZQ850 ZQ850 ZQ850 ZQ1000 ZQ1250 ZQ1450
Roller texture 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn
Bearing model/No. 7522 /8 set 2097730 /4 set 2097730 /4 set 2097730 /4 set 2097736/4 set 2097744/4 set 2097752/4 set
Shape of final pellet User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined User defined


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