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Bauxite Briquetting Machine

Bauxite Briquetting Machine

  • 【Power】:7.5-130kw
  • 【Capacity】:3-40 TPH
  • 【Materials】 : Bauxite, clay, kaolin, lime powder, dolomite powder, copper powder, chrome ore, nickel laterite, non-ferrous metal powder, refractory material, etc.


Bauxite briquetting machine is defined according to the applied materials of the equipment, which is mainly used for the deep processing of bauxite, clay, kaolin and other materials. It has obvious compressing effect, which obtains higher economic benefits. According to the compression of different materials, it is also called clay briquetting machine or kaolin briquetting machine. At the same time, Zoneding Machine can configure a set of economical and practical bauxite briquetting production line, which has advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

Bauxite Briquetting Machine

The Applications of Bauxite Briquetting Machine:

1. It can realize high density briquetting of bauxite, kaolin and clay.

2. It can press a variety of mineral materials into lumps or balls, such as lime powder, dolomite powder, copper powder, chrome ore powder, nickel laterite, non-ferrous metal powder, refractory material, ceramic material, steel slag, iron powder, iron oxide and so on. 

3. It is mainly used in coal, mining, metallurgy, refractory materials, chemical industry and building materials industry. Its purpose is to reduce dust, control the bulk density, reuse of resources and improve the transport properties.

Final Briquettes

Final Briquettes of Bauxite Briquetting Machine

The Requirements of Processed Materials:

1. The particle size should be 80-200 mesh.

2. Any metal objects are not allowed in the materials, otherwise it will damage the surface of roller.

Technical Data of Bauxite Briquetting Machine

Model ZD-4 ZD-6 ZD-8 ZD-10 ZD-15 ZD-20 ZD-30 ZD-40
Production Hour 3-4T/h 6T/h 8T/h 10T/h 15T/h 22T/h 30T/h 40T/h
Annual 10000T 20000T 25000T 30000T 50000T 100000T 200000T 300000T
Roll Width 250mm 240mm 220mm 300mm 336mm 630mmA 720mmA 800mmA
Roll Diameter 360mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 650mm 650mm 750mm 850mm
Powder 7.5-11KW 11-15KW 15-18.5KW 18.5-30KW 22-45KW 30-55KW 55-90KW 90-130KW


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