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Aluminium Powder Briquetting Machine

Aluminium Powder Briquetting Machine

  • 【Power】:7.5-30kw
  • 【Capacity】:6-30TPH
  • 【Application】 : aluminum powder, aluminum ash


The Aluminum Powder Briquetting Machine can be used to process industrial wastes such as aluminum powder, aluminum ash, etc. The final aluminum briquettes can be put into blast furnace for further smelting and used as chemical additives as well. Therefore, by using this aluminum briquette machine, you can take full advantages of these industrial wastes and their high additional value instead of abandoning them or processing slightly.

aluminum powder and aliminum briquettes

Zoneding aluminum powder briquetting machine is perfect for making aluminum powder, ash, etc. excreted by aluminum products manufacturing industry into compact briquettes for renewable use. For Aluminium production field, how to deal with aluminium dust and dross is a big problem? Now Zoneding Machinery will tell you how to convert the aluminium wastes into profit.

aluminum briquetting machine part

Based on the characteristics of aluminium dross, dust and wastes, Zoneding Machinery did a lot of researches and can produce the specially-designed briquette press machine, which has great pressure and can produce high density aluminium briquettes. The finished aluminium briquettes can resist high temperature in the steelmaking furnace.

The aluminum dust briquetting machine comes with wide range of applications. It can not only put aluminum materials into full use, but also save great deal of resources consumption as well as economic cost for you. Thus, our aluminum briquetting machine is your best choice for processing aluminum wastes.

Technical Data of Aluminium Powder Briquetting Machine

Model Diameter of Rollers Main motor Pre-pressure Pressure Type of pressure Capacity Dimension
ZD-450 450 mm 45 kw 11 kw 100 t hydraulic 6 t/h customized
ZD-550 550 mm 55 kw 15 kw 110 t hydraulic 10 t/h customized
ZD-650 650 mm 75 kw 18.5 kw 110 t hydraulic 15 t/h customized
ZD-850 850 mm 90-155 kw 22 kw 120 t hydraulic 25 t/h customized
ZD-1000 1000 mm 110-250 kw 22 kw 300 t hydraulic 25-30 t/h customized


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